As Wistful Is

As Wistful Is began as a short story I started writing at University. I stopped and never finished it until I picked up writing again a few years later. I wrote for enjoyment, as a cathartic release, as a form of expression and for other wholly personal endeavours. My first story set the scene in my mind for an anthology of short stories which I tentatively titled Time Elemental. Based around a nursing home where time stood still, 13 rooms were occupied and each had a story. Using this as a base to travel generations, explore relationships and characters. I wrote the stories as I had inspiration, not surprisingly during those particularly plentiful periods of creativity, the start of a relationship or the parting of loved ones. I continued in this fashion, taking quick notes, building stories and wishing I was more motivated, until I received a gift which prompted an enlivened writing approach.

The gift: Wisdom of Nature Deck. Each card an illustrated aspect of nature in which to find a reflection of a human life and a lesson learned, let’s take an example Bamboo Forest – a symbol of resilience. With a title and a symbol of human experience to build a story around I began writing. 20 cards in total, currently 10 stories down. All that was left was to share my writing further than selected loved ones, and to effectively communicate, represent and share what As Wistful Is aims to bring to the readers. With an extremely talented Other half the simple, unadorned, uncomplicated and, hopefully, calming single line representation of each story was born and ready to be shared.

If you’re inspired, let’s make something together