Short Stories

The Pineapple

Symbol Of Appreciation We find John sat at his desk, surrounded by stacks of papers, hastily scribbling away in a battered notebook. Pen scratching as he writes. He hears a shout from down the hall,  "Jooohnnn, Jooohhnnnn"  He slumped back in his chair and let out a large sigh. He pushed his glasses onto his… Continue reading The Pineapple

The Okapi

Symbol Of Modesty The clock chimed four times, 4 pm, the fire was burning low and the sun was far along its decent for the evening. Elizabeth lay her bookmark delicately over the page of her book and closed it, setting it aside on the table next to her arm chair. She stoked the fire… Continue reading The Okapi

The Ant Colony

Symbol Of The Dignity Of The Bourgeois Life To live a life of luxury and decadence, Mrs. Jane Poulter had married the man of her dreams. Jane’s dreams were not of a loving a dutiful husband, definitely no Prince Charming, her husband was a cold and distant man, but of course, this was of little… Continue reading The Ant Colony