I put together As Wistful Is to share my writing, if you want to get straight on with some reading, head on over to Short Stories. If you’re keen to understand more about my current writing project or inspiration, this is all tucked into the About page.

Did you come from Instagram? Did Google direct you here? Are you even sure where you are?

However you found your way to this page, however interested you are in my short stories, thank-you for taking the time to read, even if it’s just this little introduction. It is a small waste of time, I’m sure, but I hope you find something you enjoy, either in this introduction, or in a story, or even in a silly memory that pops into your head when you’re reading this. If you find a character relatable, find a situation tense, find a moment of humour, I’ve done my job and I’m so glad you have used valuable time to read. If you find a spelling mistake or a ridiculously awful error in grammar, please let me know in the comments or over at the Contact page.

I hope you enjoy As Wistful Is

Thank-you for dropping in